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The Nova Scotia Student Loan Process– Simplified

Living with Student Debt

Debt may be invisible, but the stress of living with massive amounts of debt from student loans and credit cards can be felt physically and emotionally.

Living with Financial Freedom

Regaining and maintaining financial freedom is possible. With the correct spending standards and smart habits, student debt can avoided or mitigated.


This is how we do it!

This site will break down the Nova Scotia Student Loan process into terms into everyday language but also explain the complicated legal and financial jargon, so you have a deeper understanding. The loan process is intensive, but it doesn’t have to be scary.

We offer an unofficial guide based on the resources and material provided by the government and supplement it with our team’s experiences with the loan process.

We're at your service
High School Students
  • Research Nova Scotia universities
  • Learn saving practices
  • Understand the Nova Scotia Student Loan process
Returning Applicants
  • Recognize the terms of your loan agreement
  • Prepare for repayment period
  • Set a foundation for your adult future
First Time Applicants
  • Apply for a Nova Scotia Student Loan
  • Discover alternate methods of financing
  • Acquire positive financial habits
  • Educate your children on the loan process
  • Ensure your child develops strong financial literacy
  • Explain concepts and terms
Fred’s Story

Fred’s Story

January 5, 2017

Misha’s and Aamira’s Story

Misha’s and Aamira’s Story

January 5, 2017

John’s Story

John’s Story

January 5, 2017

Saher’s Story

Saher’s Story

January 5, 2017

Tina and Tammy’s Story

Tina and Tammy’s Story

January 5, 2017

We Make It Look It Look Easy!

Understand the Nova Scotia Student Loan application process as well as habits to reach your definition of financial freedom.
Value Added

NovaScotiaStudentLoan.ca simplifies the Nova Scotia Student Loan process and provides first and returning loan applicants the information they need– clearly.

Strategic Direction

User friendly and accessible, this website acts as a starting place and a supplement to understanding the Nova Scoatia Student Loan process.

Layered Information

This site serves to offer insight into the Nova Scotia Student Loan Process but additionally educate on the real debt management tips and advice.

Easy Navigation

Information, topics surrounding the Nova Scotia Student Loan are easily accessible and curated based on the official loan documentation.

Higher education was something that was previously out of reach because of my family’s financial situation. Because of my loan and the grants offered to me, I don’t have to limit myself or my future.

TomDalhousie University

Of course, top tier school’s and the program’s will be subject to higher tuition costs. As I move into my second year of studies, I am learning a lot about financial literacy, so I don’t have to stress about debt after graduation.

CallumAcadia University

I am currently entering my final years of studies and will soon be entering repayment. Because I reviewed the terms of my loan agreement and repayment strategies, I feel secure that I can manage my debt and live within my means.

CarlySt. Francis Xavier University

Looking back on my experiences applying for a Nova Scotia Student Loan the most daunting process was understanding the impenetrable financial and legal jargon. I am glad there is now a website that can simplify all that!

SeraNova Scotia College of Art and Design

Education doesn’t have to be a debt sentence.

Our small, scrappy team at NovaScotiaStudentLoan.ca prides ourselves on our ability to make the complex, simple. Moreover, make the previously impossible (i.e. the possibility of financial freedom), possible and more so—obtainable!


Provide an understanding of the Nova Scotia Student Loan Process | Give an explanation of financial and legal terms | Curate trusted products and services | Present helpful tips and advice

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