Going to the university is a dream every young person have. However, without funds, that dream was as good as dead. I have always wanted to attain the highest level of my education, and attend the best school in the province. Unfortunately, my dad and mum lost their jobs at the same time, and things became tough for us. It was tough for my dad even to pay the bills on the house and take care of our family.


I knew my dream of going to the university was becoming impossible by each passing day but, I kept on looking for ways to make things happen. Looking for means, I stumbled upon the student loan, applied and got the loan. Then I was already admitted into the university; I was so surprised they way things were working fast for me.


The student loan was enough to cater for my financial needs in school, so I did not have to worry about finance anymore. It brought smiles to my face and gave me hope even when all hope was lost. I told the news to my parents, and they were very excited. I could see how happy my mum was, with tears rolling down her eyes.


The experience I had when I got to the school premises was fantastic. The people, staffs, and everything made me feel at home. They treated me well and answered all my questions. I stayed in a very comfortable room. It increased my passion for university education more.


My program was one of the best in the entire school, if not the province. We have world-class teaching facilities and cutting edge technology. The school environment is calm and cool, and I like the beautiful and evergreen trees in the environment.


There are lots of sporting activities on and off-campus. I love playing football and watching others play. I joined the football team in my second year, and it was fun. In fact, I have never had such great fun in my entire life. Another interesting game I enjoy playing scrabble. I thought I was a pro, till I met people who know how to play better than me.


My student loan took care of my financial worries and made me channelled all my attention and mind towards getting good grades. I am so grateful for this financial freedom. It made my dreams come to pass.

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