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The Good and the Bad of Student Aid

By March 20, 2017 No Comments

The Good and the Bad of Student Aid

If you are a student planning to apply for student aid, you need to know the good and bad, so there won’t be many surprises. It will also enable you to plan well and set your goals straight.


So without wasting time, let us look briefly at the good and the bad of obtaining student aid.


The Good sides of student aid

Student aid makes lots of sense especially when you think you need money for college. Many families find it hard to save money, due to numerous expenditures that come with running a home. They need to pay for cars, food, medical care, and housing. Considering the economy recession in recent years, things are getting worse. This is one reason why the majority of students who are attending college opt for student aid.


Student aid Prepares students for better-paying job

In business, one of the ways you can make more money is by borrowing. That is why most people in business expand within a short time. You can say that education is different, but it is not. When you borrow money to take on four years of courses, you will certainly earn more than someone who has a diploma. Also, because you are aware you have to pay for your loan, the target would be to get a degree that will enable you to find a great job. Even if your parents cannot fully fund your education, student aid is often enough to finance educational needs.


Students can have longer college experience with student aid

Most families can manage to save some money to send their children to school for a one or two years program. However, if students want to go for a four years program, then applying for student aid will be a wise choice. Regarding earning potentials, students with four years degree earn more than those with a diploma.


Student aid makes it possible for students to attend college

There is a growing number of students who are not in college, not because they do not like college but due to lack of finance. Many of these students are scared of student aid. They get scared because the amount of money in question is really huge. However, the thing is refusing to borrow is also scary on its own because you will not achieve your post-secondary school dream, and lead a better life. However, if you are sure you can pay off the student aid, then applying for it should not be a problem either.


Student aid makes students comfortable in school

Student aid can make students more comfortable at school. Because the loan can cover tuition and some out-of-pocket expenses. This allows students to focus more on their studies and to achieve good grades. Since finance is no longer a problem, they can freely work towards achieving their goals.


The Bad sides of student aid

Students should know that there are good and bad sides of student aid. So you must know what those bad sides are and how you can overcome them before taking any decision.


Fear of the unknown

Getting a student aid does not guarantee that you will find a good job. Some students who graduated are still hoping to get a good job after earning a degree. Also, student aid is not for free. You need to pay after you leave college, or according to your loan plan. This is why students must find a good job after graduation to pay off their loan.


 Switching Colleges

At some point in school, some students feel that their first college choice isn’t what they thought it would be, and make moves to transfer to another college. It is manageable when you are transferring to a college that’s less expensive. However, most students who had transfers find out that not all their credits transfer from one college to another, which means they will have to spend more semesters in college. However, this increases their student aid size and can put their plans in peril.


Losing interest in your career

Student aid can cover for your education, but after school, you have to get a job in your chosen field to be able to pay the student aid back. The worst is that you cannot tell if you would like a particular job after 2 or 3 years, or before you leave school. Most people lose interest in their jobs and may eventual quite. However, research can give you clues before you choose your career.



A good college degree will give you an opportunity to secure a job and earn more. Moreover, since going to college comes with greater financial responsibility, it is better to apply for student aid if you are not financially capable of bearing your education expenses out-of-pocket. And with a good job, you can pay back your loan and secure a bright future.